SunSail Cabana
Sun Sail Beach Cabanas
Sun Sail Beach Cabanas
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SunSail Cabana®

The Latest in Beach Shade Cabanas!

Your personal Beach Oasis is waiting for you!

Our new Sun Sail Cabana®® is very Light weight, and easy to carry, Quick and easy to set up, and to take down. Your Sun Sail Cabana® comes with a large carrying bag that can also hold other items like your Beach Towels.

All of our Sun Sail Cabana® fabrics are made of a light weight machine washable Micro Fiber Polyester, in a choice of colors.


Your new Sun Sail Cabana® will Sail in the slightest breeze, and in very windy conditions without the worry of it being blown away. The new design allows the flexible adjustable pole to bend with the wind, and can be easily raised for maximum allowance of breeze, or lowered to keep the cool breeze at a minimum, you have total control over your comfort.

Your Sun Sail Cabana® is made to be very fluid and not stiff like the old fashioned Beach it float, sail, and move like the ocean truly is a work of art, and alive with movement.



How It Works

Watch how to Set it Up. It's easy!




We Will Be Happy To Take Your Order Over The Phone. Call Us At: 561-200-0764


A Few Tips

  • The rear poles should ONLY be used on non-windy days. If they are used on windy days, they could damage the cabana and void the warranty.

  • The front, center pole is adjustable. It should be raised higher on less windy days and lowered on high wind days to allow enough wind in to fill the sail (like that of a sail boat) and create the shade. Having this pole in the wrong position could cause the cabana to not function correctly; having this pole raised too high on strong wind days could damage the cabana.

SunSail Cabanas

Now ONLY $69.99

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Sunsail Cabanas - Blue and Red Striped

carrying case

Blue & White Stripe is Sold-Out.

Blue and white striped cabanas are coming back and should be available this summer; check back on our website for May, month-endSunsail Cabanas - Blue and White Striped

Features Include:

  • 50 + UV Protection
  • Rear Extension Poles for a non-breezy day
  • Strong, sturdy yet lightweight pole system
  • Sets-up in seconds

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    SunSail Cabana The Latest in Beach Shade Cabanas... Better Than Beach Umbrellas!

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