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We got our Sun Sail quickly and in great condition. We went to Port Aransas TX, where the winds are usually brisk, and the trash cans are full of twisted up tents and shelters. The Sun Sail was easy to set up, and the red/white stripes looked good. It stayed up all day even when the wind was calm. I wish I knew about Sun Sail years ago.

- Teresa C.

I received my cabana today and set it up in the yard. WHAT A GREAT PRODUCT!! An ingenious design. I can't wait to use it on the beach. Thanks for a great product!

- Nathan D.

I bought the teal canopy (color no longer available) a couple of years ago and I absolutely love it! I use it every time I go to the beach, and every single time someone always asks where I got it, and I always sing your praises. Such a great product. Super quick and easy to set up and I never have to worry about it blowing away or inverting like a beach umbrella on a windy day. I am a very satisfied customer.

- Will

I love my new SunSail Cabana. It is so easy to use and is infinitely adaptable to conditions. My grand daughter just visited and played happily while protected from the sun, thanks!

- Happy

Bought a Sun Sail to use at the Outer Banks last summer. I was so impressed with the way my Sun Sail held up through the OBX winds, I just purchased another one for the additional family and friends joining us at the beach this year.

- Tammi

I just purchased a Sun Sail after 2 years of searching for an amazing product I had seen on the beach a few times. I could not wait to go to the beach this weekend and try it out. It did not disappoint! I love this product!!! Held up under the wind and provided ample shade for two while still comfortably laying out on a queen sized sheet.

- John

I bought my cabana and I love it. I wasn't pretty sure but I went to Pensacola beach Florida and it was very windy and I put my cabana up it works. I thought the poll was going to bend and break ....nope it's supposed to bend and it held up. One happy customer here no more umbrellas!!!!

- Taryn

Okay so I meant to write my review after using my cabanas (I bought 2) the first time, however, they were so awesome that we ended up using every weekend last summer and I forgot to write the review!!!! Honestly, these things are great and while everyone's umbrella or tent blows away, we stay cool in the shade!!!!

- Frank B.

Bought this for Destin, Florida. I burn like crazy, don't sunbathe or tan and have a history of melanoma. This worked great! I was able to spend time on the beach every day staying very cool and no sunburn! Only problem I had was on the private beaches - they call it a tent and wouldn't let me set it up.

- Debbie M.

On my last trip to Delray, I saw several of your cabanas on the beach and asked where they had purchased them. One of the girls gave me your card....she said she gets asked so much that she now carries your information to the beach !

I am making another trip to Delray next week and didn't know if I could purchase one locally or if only by mail? I live in Indiana but would like to leave it at my mothers house in Delray.

Thank you have a great product !
Rebecca C.
Indianapolis, In

Took mine to the beach for the first time. I loved it! Super easy to set up and take down. Everyone was asking me where I got it!? It was a windy day and while everyone else's umbrellas were turning inside out I was relaxing under shade!

- Megan B.

We get asked everyday where did we get our cabana...we bought one in 2012 and couldn't be happier! They look gorgeous on the beach and I send referrals to buy cabana's here all the time! So easy to set up and take down....I watch expensive tents break and umbrellas fly down the beach...but my cabana just sails in the wind!

- Bobbi K.

I recently ordered a Sun Sail Cabana® after seeing a neighbor using hers on the beach. Today we had the pleasure of using ours. It is lightweight, and easy to carry and put up. I loved it. Gone are the days of "wrestling" with umbrellas that will not stay up. Do not hesitate to order this product. Great for Moms with kids. Easy set up and provides enough shade for all! We had several people come up and ask about this product. It is functional and eye catching.

- Kim H.

I LOVE my cabana !! It is perfect for the beach. So easy to set up and down. Even with absolutely no wind it helped shade my 4 year old. I just pulled the sandbags out tight and she had a tent to build sand castles underneath. But for the most part there was always a breeze and it sailed away !! I love how you can adjust the height of the pole to adjust the amount of shade. Unbelievable product !! Thinking of ordering another one.

- Tara F.

Purchased two as we had two families at the beach for a two week period. Used each every day during that time during July and August 2013. They need a good breeze to make them sail. A strong beach wind is best. When the wind is strong you need to make a tie to a stake at the T-post as there is stress on the plastic tube. Otherwise a great product which we will definitely reuse, many times I hope.

- Leland M.

We just got our Sun Sail Cabana®s in the mail today on time as promised! We haven't tried them out yet but they are of much higher quality than I imagined and I know we will be very pleased with our shade at the beach this weekend. I will give an update after we return. Thank you so much for delivering as promised!

- Frank B.

We bought the Sun Sail Cabana® to take to the beach last week and were so pleased with how easy it was to use and that it worked just as the video showed. It is so nice to have a product that works with the elements at the beach rather than fighting with them--using the wind to "inflate" the cabana and the sand to keep it in place. So glad we found your product!

- Linda F.

We've had our Sunsail for a couple of years now and we go to the beach at least once a week. It has held up with no wear and tear, and is still in perfect condition. Sometimes it gets very windy and it holds its place with no problem. It offers plenty of shade and makes a statement. (We ordered ours in a unique zebra stripe and it's really eye-catching). It certainly beats the heck our of the old umbrella, which, over time, rusts and bends and ultimately breaks. Sunsail is the way to go!!!

- David K.

We have taken our SunSail the beach several times and have enjoyed using the cabana for ourselves and friends. It is simple to set up and hard to "knock" down! As you know there are often pretty good winds in Florida and we saw several umbrellas rolling by when a gust came through. So we enjoyed the shade without the concerns of things flying away. Would definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys a day in the sun and shade! We have also used it in other places and it works anywhere!

- Steve G.

I must have gone through, at least, 6 umbrellas in the past 5 years. They never last more than the season and usually break 1/2 way through. NO MORE UMBRELLAS for me! The SunSail is perfect! It stays up on windy days and provides great shade while still letting the breeze through. I love this thing!

- Mike F.

Totally terrfic... the Hell with Umbreallas... It makes a great statement.....

- Steu Pond

Innovative, easy, and an eye cathcher. No matter what beach I go to, people are always asking about and admiring my sunsail cabana. A must for the summer or any time of the year!

- Caroline






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